Online Appointments

You can get the Newest information on Hinode Hills online.
Please follow the steps below and fill the online form to make your appointment.

Steps for Online Session


Fill the online form to make your appointment at your preffered date and time.


You will recieve a conformation e-mail.
Once your appointment date is confirmed, you will recieve a link for your online session.


Click the link on your reserved date and time, and the session will start.

*We will be using Microsoft Teams for the session.
Please refer to the description below for the details.

How to use Microsoft Teams

Computer / Laptop users

*The page shown above is as of June 2020. It may differ from the page currently used.

The browser will pop-up when you click the link.
Please click on either "Would you like to continue on this browser?".

*Internet Explorer 11, Safari, Firefox are not applicable for Microsoft Teams.
Please access by using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Smart Phone /Tablet users

Please download Microsort Teams application. Click below for installing.

*You will be transferred to the official Microsoft website.

*We reccommend you to use wi-fi during your session. Please be aware that the internet expense may rise without using wi-fi due to large capacity of data.
*Internet expenses will be borne by the participant.
*There may be an occasion where the application may not be available due to security and other problems.