Selling Process

  • Phase 1 Examine your property, and make suggestions on market price and sales strategy. Incidental expenses and tax liabilities are also advised.
  • Phase 2 Help you understand and choose one from several types of listing agreements, depending upon sales strategy that suits characteristics of your property.
  • Phase 3 Mobilizing sales forces within Mitsui’s extensive network covering the whole nation and utilizing media exposure such as Mitsui’s web site, market and promote your property as widely as possible.
  • Phase 4 Help you negotiate with the buyer, and prepare transaction contacts including a purchase & sale agreement and disclosure statement.
  • Phase 5 Prepare for closing and delivery of your property, including cancellation of mortgage lien, if any, and utility contracts such as power, city gas, water/sewer, and telephone.
  • Phase 6 Deliver a title certificate and keys in exchange for sales proceeds upon closing. Help you complete settlement of management fees and property tax.

Phase 1
Inspection / Price investigation


(A)Selling Costs

When you sell your property, you need to budget for "Other Expenses". These expenses include, but are not limited to taxes, brokerage commission and document fees. Sales proceeds you receive at the completion of a transaction is the balance after "Other Expenses" are deducted from the sales price.

(B)Breakdown of Other Expenses

The following is a typical list of "Other Expenses".

Brokerage Commission
Amount of a brokerage commission is determined and stipulated in a listing agreement between the seller and Mitsui Realty Center. The total amount shall include both general and regional consumption taxes.
Stamp Duty
Revenue stamps are required to be affixed to Purchase and Sale Agreements.
Income Tax and Residents Tax
If you realize a capital gain from the sale of a property, you are subject to capital gain and residents taxes. If the property concerned has been your main residence, a special tax exemption may apply.
Loan Fees
When the property you have sold has an unpaid mortgage balance, you will be required to pay document fees. These fees are typically charged to remove the mortgage lender's lien to the property. Additional loan fees include a handling service fee charged by a judicial scrivener and a loan closing fee.
Other Expenses
Cost of relocation and moving out. In some cases, land survey fees and/or building demolition costs may also be incurred.

※ Please contact us for details.

Price investigation

Research, Analysis and Valuation

Our highly qualified professional staff will evaluate your property and indicate its market value. When you request our valuation of your property, please show our staff any relevant information regarding the property including, but not limited to, brochures you received when you purchased the property, title deed, and a certificate of verification of building construction. If you intend to sell a rental property, please submit an Income and Expense Statement and any other financial information of such property.

Mitsui Fudosan Realty's Proposal (Free)

Mitsui Fudosan Realty will produce, free of charge, a property value assessment, market analysis, comparative study of asset quality, and proposal on how to sell your property most effectively. Even if you are not ready to sell your property immediately, please feel free to contact us and find the current market value of your property so that you can make an asset management plan for the future.

Valuation and Sales Price

Our staff generally conducts a valuation of the property based on an assumption that the sale will take place within an immediate three-month period.A professionally-prepared valuation allows you to determine an appropriate asking price for your property. Upon your request, Mitsui Fudosan Realty may propose an asking price based on the valuation.

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Phase 2
Signing agency agreement

3 Types of Listing Agreements

Once you decide to sell your property, you may want to retain a real estate broker (real estate brokerage company) by signing a "Listing Agreement" to market your property. There are three types of listing agreements:

Multiple Contracts
Use of the Seller's
Own Sources
Registration under
REINS system
Reporting Requirement
Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing
Not Permitted
Not Permitted
Within 5 Business Days
At Least Once a Week
Exclusive Agency Listing
Not Permitted
Within 7 Business Days
At Least Once Every 2 Weeks
Open Listing

※ Please contact us for details.

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Phase 3
Searching for buyers

(A)Mitsui Fudosan Realty's Marketing Activities

Mitsui Fudosan Realty has been specializing in real estate marketing for the past about fifty years. Based upon own long-established track record, broad experience and expertise, Mitsui Fudosan Realty manages the sales process of your property and develops an effective and sophisticated marketing and advertising strategy. We will list your property on our website, which is highly rated as a comprehensive site for the central urban properties within the Mitsui Fudosan Realty's network. Also, we promote your property by producing and distributing flyers and brochures of the highest quality. Furthermore, we make maximum use of our unique marketing tools to introduce your property by sending direct mails or referring your property to clients who have done business with us. We are confident that you will benefit from our extensive marketing approach and expertise in the central urban areas.

(B)Marketing Strategies

(1)Mitsui Rehouse Home Page
By way of "Contact Us by E-mail" tab in our website, we receive numerous inquiries from potential buyers for properties we list.
(2)Open House
We set "Open House" days to allow prospective buyers to see properties at their convenience. Through the "Open House" days, our staffs, together with a broker in charge, are readily available to answer inquiries from visitors.
We arrange for flyers to be inserted in daily newspapers with a high circulation, and send direct mails to targeted markets.
(4)Introduction to Potential Buyers Registered with Mitsui Fudosan Realty
We introduce your property to potential purchasers who have registered with Mitsui Fudosan Realty. We promote your property by meeting with or sending direct mails to these potential purchasers. We also showcase your property by placing an article/advertisement in our periodical, Mitsui Real Plan News.
(5)Advertisement on real estate search websites
Mitsui Rehouse registers a part of properties on real estate search websites such like Suumo, at home web and O-uccino that are listed with us in order to expedite a search for potential buyers.
(6)Registration with REINS (Real Estate Information Network System)
REINS is a computerized network managed by Real Estate Information Network System. This system is designated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and links a large number of real estate member companies into an information exchange data server. This on-line network system enables us to introduce your property to a universe of potential buyers through peer companies.

(C)Progress Report of Marketing Activities

Mitsui Fudosan Realty periodically provides you with progress reports on activities related to the marketing of your property. The reports include the type of marketing tools we have utilized, inquiries received from interested parties, comments from visitors to your property, and other marketing information.

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Phase 4
Signing transaction contracts

Procedures to Make a Contract

A potential buyer will submit a "Letter of Intent". Upon receiving the application form, your broker will negotiate the terms and conditions of the transaction such as the payment method, property delivery date, confirmation of equipment and fixtures attached to the property and so forth. When all terms and conditions are agreed upon by both parties, the “Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement" shall be executed.

Signing the Purchase and Sale Agreement

The purchase and sale of the property is governed by "The Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement." The purpose of this Agreement is to stipulate the conditions of the transaction, the rights and obligations of both the seller and buyer, and to ensure a safe and legally binding transaction for both parties.The Agreement becomes legally binding when executed by both parties and the buyer delivers the down payment. From that point, both parties are subject to the rights and obligations of the transaction set forth in the Agreement.
Should you fail to fulfill your contractual obligations, a penalty may be imposed on you. Therefore, it is recommended that you understand each and every provision before signing the Agreement.

What you will need when signing the Purchase and Sale Agreement

  • Property title deed (To provide to the buyer)
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Signature or Registered personal seal (Issued within the past three months)
  • Documents concerning the land and property
  • Property tax payment vouchers
  • Funds to cover the Stamp Duty fee (The fee depends on the purchase price of the property)

* The documents you need will differ depending on your case. For details, please contact us.

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Phase 5
Preparation for property handover


Technically, you are releasing the property from your possession in exchange for the receipt of the sales proceeds in full.
Therefore, you are expected to vacate the property before the receipt of the proceeds. All outstanding utility bills in your name must be settled upon moving out. If the property is a condominium unit, it is recommended that you organize necessary documents, such as the user's manuals for equipment and fixtures, warranties, by-laws of home owner's association, etc., in one file.

(B)Outstanding Mortgage

If there is an unpaid mortgage balance and the lender is recorded as a lien holder, you must pay off all outstanding debt and remove the lien from the property title deed.
A judicial scrivener, on your behalf, can conduct the necessary procedures for this purpose. Our staff will arrange a conference with a judicial scrivener at your convenience.

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Phase 6
Closing / Handover of property

(A)Closing & Handover of property

  • 1Confirmation of application to register the property title deed
  • 2Receipt of the Proceeds
  • 3Payment of property tax
  • 4Payment of fees and other charges
  • 5Delivery of documents concerning the property and building
  • 6Delivery of keys

(B)What You Will Need for Receiving the Proceeds:

  • Passport
  • Property title deed (Registered)
  • Certificate of Signature or Registered personal seal (Issued within the past three months)
  • Property tax payment voucher
  • Receipts of utilities such as gas, water and electricity
  • By-laws of home owners' association, property description brochure, certificate of completion
  • Payment of brokerage commission and general sales tax and regional sales tax
  • Payment of Registration fee
  • Keys

* The documents you need will differ depending on your state. For details, please contact us.

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